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Fish Feed

Selecting the right fish food is obviously important to the health of your aquarium. We carry a great variety of quality fish foods, arranged by brand or type to help you make the ideal choices for your aquarium community. (See our fish food guide for help choosing.) Whether you've got filter feeders, bottom feeders or just a betta in a bowl, you'll find our nutritious selections range to please every dietary need. Aquarium plant food sold separately.
Along with staple fish food for freshwater tropical and marine aquariums, we carry seaweed and algae, brine shrimp for fry, and plankton for corals and filter feeders. You'll also find foods for bottom feeders and pond fish; goldfish, cichlids and other popular species; plus freeze-dried live foods, appetite and color enhancers. (See our fish food guide for help choosing.)

Always follow instructions to avoid overfeeding (using an automatic feeder can help). We also carry a variety of inexpensive manual feeders that are indispensable to some diets. Remember to supplement staples with delicious dried treats - seaweed for herbivores and worms for carnivores!