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Dog Training

My philosophy of how to train dogs has been a journey that years back while training my own dogs and continues to this day. I get as excited today as I did at that time when I learn something new about training my dogs.

For me this journey began as a hobby and has evolved into a life's passion and work

There is nothing secretive or magical about training dogs. Good dog training is all common sense combined with a foundation based on experience and a clear understanding of the way dogs think and interact (pack structure).
The key is to get the right experience.

One only needs to spend a couple of hours searching the internet to understand that there are a lot of people out there who lack experience or who are basing their training opinions on poorly acquired experience.

Dog training does not necessarily have to begin when you buy an 8 week old puppy (although it should) or when your 10 year old dog bites a child. In reality it begins on the day you make up your mind to learn how dogs think and how they relate to the world they live in. It begins when you decide to relate to your dog in a manner that both you and your dog respect and understand. It begins when you make up your mind to develop a meaningful relationship based on trust, communication and control.

Me and My first dog took walks on the road every day. He was my best friend. I had him trained to hand signals and verbal commands. One morning, before school, we came out of the woods and Silver chased a stray dog into the road. He would not respond to my calls to stop and COME. He ran in front of a Hyundai ascent car and was killed.

That one incident forever changed the way I looked at dog training. It caused me to step back and make up my mind that the next time I would learn how to communicate in a way that my dog would listen in every scenario and not just in the ones he felt like.