World Pet Mart


Mr. Dhaval Thakor .
Telephone: +91-9824063273


World pet mart is your pet's home away from home - a canine heaven full of all the creature comforts that'll instantly make your pet feel happy and at home, like the acres of green play areas, or the private play pool and spacious sleeping quarters. Not to mention the army of dog loving handlers who keep the pets well groomed and looked after round the clock. Little wonder then that when most people think of leaving their pets alone they think of us.

Hey your pet's food is just the same as at home. Food is prepared fresh and with great care to make sure that it tastes and remains the same as what the pet is used to eating at home. All you need to do is to leave instructions with regard to your pet's eating habit and we would make sure that when it comes to food your pet never has to miss home.
There's never a boring moment at World pet mart. Each day is filled with fun and fitness exercises. The day begins with an early morning walk on the World pet mart walking tracks through the lawn and the fruit orchard. At the end of the walk the handlers spend a good time to thoroughly groom and clean the pets
After the rest hour depending on the temperament and behaviour each pet is encouraged to participate in the different fun and fitness exercises that the handlers coordinate. Some chose to take a dip in the pool, while others spend time chasing their friends, fetching toys or tugging or biting the squeaky play items available in abundance around the play areas.
Dinner is followed by a post dinner walk and grooming session, after which the pets and the handlers retire for the night in the sleeping areas.