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It is important that you purchase your pet from a respected and qualified dog breeder in India. One good way of discerning how serious a dog breeder you are dealing with is by the degree of concern they exhibit in terms of questioning you about how capable you are of taking care of a purebred pet dog.

If you were under the impression that finding your chosen breed of puppies available in India was not easy, think again! You can find the Indian breeder that matches your requirements and give them a call or send them an email – it’s as simple as that!

The dog breeders on this site have contact details so that you can procure information regarding a pet or show dog or even place a request on an upcoming litter of puppies for sale from many various breeds of dogs in India.
It is extremely important to learn the facts and possible consequences in advance if you are contemplating breeding your dog. In today’s overcrowded world, we-the wardens of our domestic pets – must make responsible decisions for them and for ourselves. Please review the following points carefully.
Most dogs, even purebred, should not be bred. Many dogs, though wonderful pets, have defects of structure, personality or health that should not be perpetuated. Breeding animals should be proven free of these defects BEFORE starting on a reproductive career. Breeding should only be done with the goal of IMPROVEMENT – an honest attempt to create puppies better than the sound, wonderful parents they come from. ignorance is NO excuse! Once you have created a life, you can’t take it back - even if it’s blind, crippled or a canine psychopath!