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There are several fundamental issues that are involved with successfully grooming and maintaining your dog in peak condition. These issues include preparation for grooming, how to bathe your dog, what to watch for while using clippers, looking after his nails, dental hygiene and more.

All of these things are important to keep your dog looking his best and to ensure that you pick up any potential problems or illnesses as early as possible.

Different types of dog coats require different grooming methods and equipment to maintain his coat in great condition. It however is important to understand that grooming is only part of the dog maintenance picture and that exercise and good nutrition are equally important in ensuring that your dog lives a long and healthy life.
Handling and Preparation
It is essential that you get your dog used to being handled by humans at an early age. If you manage to regularly play with and handle your dog as a puppy, there are far lesser chances of problems cropping up later on in your dog’s life especially with regards to grooming.

This is because grooming invariably calls for a human (either you or someone else in your family or even someone at a pet grooming parlor) to take care of this aspect for your pet.

Another important factor that is a prerequisite for successful grooming is your dog’s ability to obey the stand, sit and stay commands. Using these commands when you are grooming your dog is also a great way to ensure that your authority is reinforced. Train your dog well from an early age and grooming is likely to turn into an exercise you’re your dog will enjoy rather than loathe.

Where and how you groom your dog will depend to a great extent upon his size and his temperament. Ideally you would like your dog to be standing still on a table, so that you can easily groom him without having to bend over or be overly restraining him. It is recommended that you use a non-slip mat on the table so that your dog does not damage the table or himself by slipping off.

A general grooming kit must consist of scissors or clippers along with the appropriate types of brushes and combs for your pet. Make sure that you have your grooming kit ready to avoid uncomfortable delays and mishaps owing to these.