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Fish Accessories

These are some of the aquarium accessories you'll need to complete your fish tank setup. Isolation units, hoods and canopies are only a few important aquarium accessories to consider when planning your setup. Browse the rest of our site for other accessories, and any replacement or customization parts you may need. Don't forget ornaments, backgrounds and substrates to make your tank beautiful and keep your fish happy and entertained.
Automatic top off devices detects dropping water levels to replenish evaporated water - important for saltwater systems, where salinity increases when water evaporates, and for sumps or refugium reservoirs which must stay at a certain level to maintain proper flow to the main tank. Automatic shut-off kits allow you to fill your tank unattended, usually intended for use with an RO or RO/DI system.
We have the aquarium lighting accessories to get your new lighting fixture installed and running. Ballasts for fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and metal halide fixtures (check if yours already comes with one). Power strips to protect your equipment. Aquarium lighting timers for stress-free assurance that your aquarium is getting the light cycle it needs no matter what. Miscellaneous bulb and fixture accessories - like mounting brackets and end caps - to complete your setup.